Diamond Ranch Academy Review

UPDATED NEWS REPORT (01/03/2023): Teen Dies at Diamond Ranch Academy, Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed

Dear Parents,


It has come to our attention that Diamond Ranch Academy is attempting to use our good name in their marketing — since they know parents, that have had negative experiences with them, have reported back to us.


We are a parent advocacy organization. Since 2001 we have received feedback from thousands of families about different programs and schools across the country (and globe). Some good and some not so good. As a parent that had a daughter in a teen help program many years ago, I know what can go very wrong.  I also know what it’s like to be at your wit’s end and need help.


I know the red flags, I know when we have disgruntled parents and I know when programs are scrambling to make things seem differently than they are.


Do you diligence if you’re searching for a residential placement for your teenager.


Personally, I’m appalled they have stooped to this level. I have raised many more red flags with Diamond Ranch Academy at this point — I understand the campus might be beautiful, but remember, just because something looks great doesn’t always mean it’s quality. There are marketing arms out there – I caution parents – they are about heads-in-bed, rather than what’s in the best interest of your child. Use common sense – use your gut, if something doesn’t feel right – continue searching for right program for your teen.


Sue Scheff
Founder, Parents Universal Resource Experts
Author, Parent Advocate
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