My Adopted Teen Daughter Needs Help

Do you need help with your troubled teenager? How to find the right teen help for my adopted teen daughter? 


Since 2020 teen depression and anxiety has doubled. Experts are pointing to excess screen-time as part of the cause.


Are you facing:

-Teen depression, anxiety, stress
Entitled, rude, disrespectful
-Teen defiance, rage, rebellious, explosive
-Internet addiction (cell-phone or video gaming)
-Skipping classes, underachieving, school refusal
-Drifted from your family values
-Teenage substance use, drinking, vaping
-Withdrawn, isolation – not participating in family functions
-Changing peer groups
-Self-harm, suicide ideation
Stealing, lying, manipulating
-Property destruction, explosive behavior


If you are experiencing a few of these behavior issues, it can be extremely challenging and you can feel like you’re being held hostage in your home by a defiant and entitled teenager.


Have you tried local therapy and your teen has refused to attend or stopped engaging? The school setting is not working? Outpatient treatment has failed? Maybe you had a short-term hospital stay that was unsuccessful — or short-term results. You realize it’s time for outside help.


Are you searching for schools for troubled teens? A simple online search for “schools for troubled teens” yields over 14 million results!


Since 2001 P.U.R.E.™ has been helping parents find safe places to send troubled teens. This industry is extremely competitive and can be very confusing to the desperate parent. Without the right knowledge, sifting through the internet for the right  therapeutic boarding school for your adopted teen can be daunting.


We were once in that position, we understand the stress and apprehension you are feeling and  want you to know you are not alone and give you the opportunity to learn from our experiences and more importantly, gain from our knowledge.


If you are visiting our website, it’s likely your teen or young adult is struggling and you are considering alternative options. You may not be familiar with how to research these specialty boarding schools and programs. You are probably thinking, “ want to know, “Will my teen hate me if we send them away?” One big question is, “How will we get them there, they don’t want to go.”


We can help you make this big decision.


We believe in finding a positive and encouraging setting for your teen. Placing a negative child into a punitive or primitive environment can usually build anger and resentment. Most of these young people are typically suffering with low-self worth – it’s time to find placement that enhances their self-esteem and starts building them back up to make better choices.


Although many parents believe that finding a school or program near their home is a priority, we help you understand that this is only a snapshot of their entire life. Yet one of the most important parts of their life that will have a major impact on both their emotional and educational future. It’s imperative you select a program that best fits their needs and not your geographical convenience.



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