Do Therapeutic Boarding Schools Work?

Have you exhausted your local resources and now considering a behavioral boarding school for your troubled teen? One of the most common question is, do therapeutic boarding schools work and what is the success rate?

Since 2001 we have helped parents with these exact questions, concerns and apprehension. I don’t believe there is a parent reading this that gives birth or adopts a child thinking they will be sending them to a school for troubled teens at some point of their life. In many cases these are basically good kids making some bad choices; raised with a solid foundation however have lost their way either through peer pressure or as many are experiencing, the rise of technology addiction.

When parents contact us, they typically are at their wit’s end. They have tried everything locally — some have even called upon relatives or friends to take their teenager in temporarily, but now the teen has exhausted their stay with them.

Some parents have shared with us they have been through one or more short-term hospital stays, trying to determine why their child is acting out, depressed or any answer they can get to explain the negative behavior pattern.

Intensive out-patient is usually a bust since the teen is still connected with their peers when they come home, as well as with their devices. This is one of the big reasons that removing them from the stressors and triggers of home can help them better reflect on their actions — in other words, why we have witnessed therapeutic boarding schools helping troubled teens succeed and thrive.

Do Therapeutic Boarding Schools Work?


For decades we have assisted thousands of  families in researching the right places for troubled teens, whether they were considering a wilderness program, a therapeutic summer camp, or a therapeutic boarding school, knowledge is power when making this major decision.

Here is a snapshot of what some of our parents have shared with us after their troubled teen or young adult has graduated the therapeutic setting, they choose for them:

We spoke with you last year when my son was getting really bad with his attitude. With your help, we ended up sending him to an excellent therapeutic school. It has been quite an amazing experience with ups and downs, but thanks to you and the program, our son is doing much better and has a bright future. Thanks again for all your time and help. – Theresa, FL

Thank you so much for this very detailed information, especially at a time when I feel like our family is falling apart. It is a godsend to have words of encouragement and solid support for ideas to get us back to normal. Your efforts were greatly appreciated! Our daughter finished her program and we feel like we have our child back. It’s not perfect, but it’s manageable and we finally see a bright future. Thank you so much! – Vanessa, VA

Time has flown by and I think of you and how instrumental you were in taking the steps to helping my child who is now a healthy, mentally stable and emotionally sound functioning adult. So much has happened in the years since and I just wanted you to know your help has continued to help me and others going through similar issues. Much love! – Nancy, TX

There’s not a day that goes by that my husband and I are not grateful for finding your website and being able to speak with you when we were in crisis. Making this decision was so difficult knowing it would affect our daughter’s future. We were at a point that if we didn’t do something we knew she may not survive the year. Speaking with you and knowing your journey helped give us calm during our storm. We are so thrilled to tell you that our daughter has graduated her program, started college and is doing better than we ever expected. The staff, the counselors, the other parents all were amazing. Thank you so much for all your support. With gratitude, – Lisa and Henry, CT

I am not sure you remember me. You see and hear so many people, that I am sure it is hard to remember everyone. My wife and I spoke with you over a year ago concerning our son that was refusing school, using drugs and overall failing in life. With your help we learned about options that, with all our internet searches, didn’t seem to be showing up. Our son is back on track, motivated, has life goals and best of all, clean. The program was such an incredible experience for him and he continues to be in touch with them. We can’t thank you enough for helping us when we thought all was lost. – Mark and Sally, NY
The truth is, as we share with many parents that are debating about choosing to send their teenager to a troubled youth program, what are your options if you keep them home? Do they continue using drugs? Chatting with strangers online — or worse, meeting them offline?

We completely understand the sticker-shock of therapeutic boarding schools, however with medical insurance, you can choose in-network programs or contact your local United Way for assistance. The bottom line is, mental-health needs to be taken seriously among young people. Many parents are concerned about their academics, most of the schools continue with their education. In many cases your teenager will begin to thrive academically since they are able to focus as they start feeling better and healing.

Do you need help searching for the right therapeutic boarding school for your troubled teen? Contact us today for a free consultation.

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