Entitled Teens

How to Handle an Entitled Teen: We are living in a generation of spoiled brats. Also known as the privileged teenager.


“Smartphones are a privilege — not a right.” 


Help Your Teens BigStockMomDaughter3-300x199 Teens and Entitlement Issues Many parents only want the best for their children (usually more than they had growing up), but has this backfired on families?


Today, many teens have major entitlement issues. Parents feel that giving their teens material items will somehow earn them respect.


Quite frankly, the opposite occurs in most families. The more we give, the more our children expect and the less they respect us. We lose ourselves in buying our children’s love. At the end of the day, no one wins, and life is a constant battle of anger, hopelessness, and debt.


While interviewing a young teen who was recently given a brand-new car, the young woman felt she deserved it since her parents gave her two used ones previously.


She was only 17 years old and already controlling her household. She truly believed that she was entitled to this car, showing no appreciation of respect for her parents. Simply, she deserved it.


Can you imagine owning three cars by the age of 17, yet never buying one? This is an extreme example, but a lot of parents can probably relate.


Entitlement issues can lead to serious problems. Teaching your child respect and responsibility should be priority. Although the issues may have started to escalate, as a parent, it is never too late to take control of the situation and say no when your teen feels they are entitled to a frivolous item or anything that is considered a privilege.


Life is about responsibility, and as parents we need to teach this to our children. Helping them comes natural to us; however, when it becomes excessive and the child does not appreciate it, it is time to step back and evaluate your situation.


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