Christian Schools for Troubled Teens

What is a Christian school for troubled teens? Are you parenting a difficult teenager that has drifted away from your family values and are concerned for their future?


Will a Christian boarding school get them back on the right path or will they rebel?


PexelTeenCellphone2There is a teenage mental health crisis happening and parents are searching for places to send their troubled teens. In many cases, families are searching for Christian boarding schools to give their teenager the foundation they are being raised with.

Are you facing:

-Teen defiance, anger, rage, rebellion
-Teen addiction to video gaming, cell-phone, internet
Entitlement, rude, disrespectful
-Depression, anxiety
-Teenage substance use, drinking, vaping
Withdrawn, isolation – not participating in family functions
-Changing peer groups
-Self-harm, suicide ideation
-Stealing, lying, manipulating
-Property destruction, explosive behavior


You’ve tried therapy, they either refused to attend or engage. Maybe they simply manipulate the therapist. You have tried your pastor or possible a youth counselor from your church — and hit a brick wall. Outpatient treatment has failed. School setting is not working, you may have tried a short-term hospital stay that was unsuccessful.  It’s time consider outside resources such as a therapeutic boarding school.


Families that have a strong Christian faith or foundation, prefer to locate schools or programs that will instill the same values as their own.


What is a Christian Boarding School for Troubled Teens?


Christian therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens are very similar to residential treatment programs and traditional therapeutic boarding schools with addition the of a spiritual component.


This is not to be confused with religious schools or programs that usually have mental Christian counselors (which are not covered by insurance), questionable academics and limited (if any) enrichment therapeutic programs.


The religious programs are typically are less in tuition, however your teen will be there (sometimes) twice as long. They also fall under a different umbrella so they don’t have to meet the same standards or regulations as quality Christian therapeutic boarding schools or residential treatment centers. It’s important that parents understand the difference.


There are many excellent spiritual (Christian) therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment programs in our country.


These are programs that are striving to improve your teen’s mental wellness through a positive and encouraging setting.


Christian school settings offer:


-Positive and nurturing setting
-Amazing teachers and staff
-Enrichment programs such as (music and art, animal therapy, gardening, sports)
-Accredited academics (always ask for a copy of their accreditation)
-Credential staff and therapists


In the majority of Christian boarding schools for troubled teens, they will have church services weekly which are non-denominational, although your teen is not required to participate, they do need to be respectful.  


Read How to Choose the Right Therapeutic Program for Your Teen.

Read: Goals of Therapeutic Boarding Schools.




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