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Free Consult for Parents with Troubled Teens


Since 2001 we’ve educated parents about researching teen help.


You may be wondering how P.U.R.E.™ could help your teenager and family. Are you experiencing any of the following situations or feeling at a complete loss or a failure as a parent?

-What are the signs your teen might need extra help?
-Are they a smart teen failing in school? Skipping classes? Facing truancy?
-Do they know how to handle negative peer pressure?
-Do you suspect they are using drugs, drinking? How to spot substance use.
-Is your teen addicted to their devices or social media obsession?
-Is your adopted teen struggling with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)?
-Is your teen struggling with depression or anxiety? Maybe they started self-harming.
-Are you at your wit’s end dealing with defiance, anger or rage?
-Are you worried they will hate you if you decide on residential therapy?
-Is residential therapy right for my teen? What you need to know.
-Are you confused by the internet and big business of teen help? We offer priceless advice.
-Do you have a young adult failing to thrive?


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