How to Change Your Teen’s Tech Habits

How can I change my teen’s tech habits and help them cut their screen-time? How do I know if my teen is addicted to technology?

The technology is becoming more acceptable among the masses. Billions of people use smartphones and have internet access. Those who were not digitally connected are now getting connections for internet.

However, this phenomenon has created serious challenges for the people. But for the parents, it has many issues which are actually troublesome. There are a number of issues for the parents. Smartphones, internet, social media and dating sites are the major sources for the teens who spend their time.


This led to the addiction of screens among the teens.


Let’s review ways we can change their tech habits:


Talk to kids


In order to deal with the kids and beat their screen addiction, the parents should talk to their kids. Parents know their children better than anyone else. This method can be actually fruitful to help the teens get rid of screen time and spend their time on more productive stuff.


If parents ignore this thing, it will lead to many serious issues which will harm the kids and destroy their upbringing. Such teens will perform worse in their studies and their mental health will also be damaged.


Set Rules at home


Experts believe that rules can be helpful for the kids when it comes to dealing with their screen addiction. We know that governments create rules to handle the public. Due to the rules and laws, people behave within their limits. This should be the case with the kids at home.


Even every person at home should follow the rules so that kids don’t get bad impressions of the rules. Parents should set examples for the kids so that they can follow them easily. Rules should be regarding the use of smartphones and internet to deal with screen addiction. It’s important to have a smartphone contract in place so there are no surprises when rules are broken and consequences are put in place.


Get Psychological Help


In many cases, the parents are unable to handle their kids and prevent screen use in the teens. This is seriously challenging. Such parents should get psychological help from the experts. Kids need help at this age because they don’t know how harmful this can be for their health and future. That is why parents should provide them support in every possible way.


The psychological assistance will help understand the kids and their issues. Then, parents can take robust measure to ensure their kids don’t spend more than a certain limit of time on their devices.


If you find you have exhausted your local resources, and your teen has totally shutdown, become depressed and withdrawn – it may be time to consider residential treatment.


Educate the Teens


Apart from this, education can also be helpful for the parents as well as kids. In this option, the parents will be educating their kids and teens. Guidance regarding the use of smartphones, internet and social media will be provided. Examples should be shared in order to help teens understand.


Furthermore, parents should tell the kids about the possible dangers of technology and screen addiction. Kids should understand how it can affect their mental health and brain development. This way, they will be more conscious about the harms and dangers of screen addiction which can be then controlled.


Limit Screen Time


Limiting screen time is a great option that many parents don’t know about. It is the best possible idea to deal with screen addiction. Most of the new smartphones and gadgets have this feature. According to this option, the kids can use phones and devices to some time. After that, the device will be locked.


This way, the parents can have better control over their kids and deal with the screen addiction. Limiting screen time has become a popular feature among the parents. Less tech-savvy guardians should also use this feature if they want to handle the screen addiction in their kids.


Use Latest Tools to Handle it


Lastly, technology has provided us with a good number of options and tools to help ourselves against the screen addiction. Such apps can be of great help for the parents who are worried about their teens and kids. It will provide parents with a tool to manage the screen time, set parental control options and reduce screen addiction. This way parents will feel more relaxed and satisfied about their kids.


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Contributor: Lina Jackie


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