How to Help Teen Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)

Are you searching for help for your adopted teen with reactive attachment disorder also know as RAD?

Common treatment for reactive attachment disorder starts with finding professional help locally. A therapist that specializes with RAD the follow types of therapies:

-Attachment therapy. This is a unique therapeutic approach that focuses on thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and interpersonal communication.

-Behavior management therapy (BMT).  With RAD teens, BMT is about educating and training their family and caregivers how to address behavioral issues and concerns.

-Play therapy. This method of therapy helps educate teens on secure attachments and to model for them how such attachments might be formed.

Getting Help for Reactive Attachment Disorder

Many parents, after exhausting their local resources, including short-term hospital stays and out-patient services, still struggle with their RAD teenager that is out-of-control or simply causing havoc in their home. There are quality residential treatment centers that specialize with adopted teenagers.

There is a fear that they might be feeding into an abandonment issue, but parents need to understand that they will be giving their child an opportunity for a healthy life.  Living with the rage, anger and stress is not beneficial for anyone. They must learn how to handle their negative impulsiveness and sometimes that means being removed from their environment.

These programs are trained to understand and work with RAD students, as well as work closely with their families. The family is part of the recovery process. The last thing they want do is drive the family apart — on the contrary, a quality therapeutic boarding school is designed to integrate you and your child back together.

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