How To Help Your Teen Build An Effective Skincare Routine

Do you remember having skin problems as a teenager? Just like millions of teens around the globe, you probably dealt with oily skin, acne flare-ups, or excessively dry skin back in the day.

It’s likely that your own teenage child is dealing with the same problems right now, particularly acne, as this is one of the most prevalent skin conditions in teens. According to the NCBI, its prevalence range from 35% to over 90% among adolescents, and approximately 85% of teenagers will be affected by acne at some point. 

Having acne and other skin problems not only affects your teenager’s appearance, but it can also have a negative impact on their self-confidence.

Fortunately, having a skincare routine can help to reduce skin problems, and it may even help to keep them at bay. The key is using the right products to address certain skin issues– here’s how you can help your teen build an effective skincare routine.

Know Which Products are Suitable for Their Skin

These days, most teens turn to TikTok beauty hacks and YouTube product reviews for skincare recommendations. As a result, it’s likely that your teen has tried some of the products that they’ve seen on these platforms to deal with their skin conditions.

However, it’s important to know that some of these skinfluencers are often paid to promote certain products, and what works for them may not be as effective for your teenager. Moreover, they also make mistakes when demonstrating application techniques, and following what they do may exacerbate your teen’s skin problem. 

Instead of going online to find solutions, you and your teen need to learn about the science behind skincare ingredients, and what makes them effective to create healthy skin. For instance, dermatologists often recommend face washes that contain benzoyl peroxide since it’s an ingredient that can eliminate acne-causing bacteria.

So, you’ll need to find a face wash that contains this ingredient, and advise your teen to use it only a couple times a week since it can be drying. Meanwhile, if your teenager has very dry skin, they’ll need a hydrating facial wash, as well as a moisturizing lotion or cream to keep their skin in good condition. 

Teach Your Teen to Stick to the Basics

By now, your teen has probably heard about the 10-step skincare routine that everyone has been raving about on the Internet. Most people think that the more products they use, the better their skin will be in the long run. However, even a basic, 3-step skincare routine can be effective if the products are used consistently and they contain the right ingredients.

For instance, if your teenage child has acne, experts recommend using a gentle facial wash, a spot treatment that contains adapalene, and a non-comedogenic moisturizer. These three may be enough to clear up your teen’s complexion.

Your teenager may also apply a non-comedogenic sunscreen before heading outdoors as most products formulated to clear acne can cause sun sensitivity. Anything else like sheet masks, scrubs, serums, clay masks, and toners should be skipped for now as they may aggravate your teen’s skin condition. 

Consistency Matters

Having the right products isn’t the only way to have better skin. Being consistent also matters, so remind your teenager to use their skincare products at least twice a day– once in the morning, and once before bedtime.

They should also be reminded to store their products in a cool, dry place. Some skincare products lose their efficacy if they’re exposed to heat, so advise your teen not to keep their acne products or moisturizers in the bathroom or in a sunny spot in their room. Also, remind them to always cleanse their skin after playing sports or working out, and advise them to take off their makeup before going to sleep. 

Finally, let them know that it may take some time before they can see results after following a new skincare routine, but they should stick to it all the same. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, an acne treatment takes at least 4 weeks to work. If the products and skincare routine works for your teen, then they should see improvement in 4 to 6 weeks. Meanwhile, dry and flakey skin may be improved after consistently using moisturizing products for 2 weeks. 

The teenage years come with lots of challenges, including a variety of skin problems. Teach your teenager to build a skincare routine that works for them, and see how it improves their complexion and boosts their self-confidence. In case of severe acne or other serious skin conditions, make sure to consult a dermatologist. 

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