Life Skills for Teens

Teaching teens to cook, clean, manage money, fix your car, first aid and just about everything in between! It’s called life skills!


By Karen Harris


Congratulations, you are a teenager! The big question is, now what?!


The teenage years are an exciting yet ever-changing period of your life. New challenges and tasks seem to pop up almost daily—not to mention all the transitions your body is going through.


As you get older and take on more responsibilities, you have probably wondered how to do many of the adult tasks your parents or older siblings seem to breeze through daily.


Everyday challenges like how to tell if the chicken in the fridge has gone bad to how to get rid of dandruff has likely crossed your mind. As you learn and experience new things, questions about basic life skills will arise. LIFE SKILLS FOR TEENS is here to help you solve the daily problems adults take for granted.


While the internet provides a wealth of knowledge, it can be overwhelming to navigate at times. I mean, which of the thirteen articles about budgeting and saving money is actually accurate? And yes, you can ask your parents or other trusted adults in your life to teach you specific skills, but sometimes you just want to figure it out on your own. That’s where this guide comes into play.


Dive in and start learning life skills for teens! Order yours now.

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Learn more about young adult life skills for teens 17-25 and programs designed to help your young adult thrive.

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