Military Schools and Troubled Teens

What parents need to know before enrolling their defiant or troubled teen into a Military School.


Questions to ask:

  • Does your teen have a desire for military school?
  • Is your teen an underachiever or lack motivation?
  • Does your teen lack respect for authority?
  • Does your teen make bad choices?
  • Does your teen lack self-confidence and self-respect?


Military schools and academies have been in operation for over one hundred years and offer a student the opportunity to reach their highest academic potential, as well as build up their self-esteem to make better choices in today’s society.


They are not for at risk children. We encourage parents to let their children know that military schools are a privilege and honor to be accepted into and to attend.


Military schools are not for punishment of “bad kids;” they are an opportunity and time for growth. With many students, the structure and positive discipline that these schools offer are very beneficial, but your teen must have some desire to attend. It not only encourages them to become the best they can be, it enhances them to grow into mature and respectable young men and women.


Many students do not realize they would enjoy military schools until they actually visit a campus and understand the honor of such education.


Military school can give your child the vision to reach their goals and dreams for their future. The high level of academics combined with small class sizes creates a strong educational background.


Many ADHD students do very well in a military school and military academy due to the structure and positive discipline. If your teen is  ADHD, you may want to consider this type of environment. Many parents start with a summer program to determine if their child is a good candidate for military school.


Military Schools usually do not offer therapy, unless contracted outside of the school. They offer structure, positive discipline, self-confidence, small class sizes, and excellent academics. Military schools can build a student’s self-esteem and motivate them to benefit their future, both socially and academically.


Military school and academy tuition vary. Most start at approximately $30,000 per school year. There is financing available through lenders and/or scholarships.


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