Military Schools for Teens in Harlingen

Do you need help with your troubled teenager? Are you searching for Military Schools for your defiant teen in Harlingen?


oakridgeMany parents are under the misconception that Military Schools for teens that are struggling in their traditional school environment or a private school setting. Maybe they are acting out at home, have become defiant, using drugs, hanging out with a negative peer group and escalating out of control. Unfortunately this is a myth believing that Military Schools are a viable option for troubled teens.


The majority of Military Schools are a privilege to attend. You may find a few that will accept your at-risk teen, but keep in mind, they typically have policies in place for behavioral issues that are not much different than the school you are leaving. One difference will be that when (or if) your child is expelled or asked to leave, it is highly probable you will forfeit your tuition.


Military Schools annual fees approximately are $25,000.00 and up. We have heard from many families that have fallen into this trap – and it an expensive mistake to make, but more than that, you are setting your teen up for failure.


When you have a teen that is belligerent, underachieving, lacks motivation, has lost interest in their favorite activities, changing friends and becoming secretive or withdrawn, these can be red flags that there is more going on internally (emotionally) than what Military School would be able to provide.


Military Schools do not provide a clinical or emotional growth setting for a teen that is struggling with mental health issues.  They will not be able to help your son or daughter with the problems that are causing this negative or risky behavior. Or if they are using drugs or drinking at home, it is likely they will continue this behavior at Military School too.


These are open campuses and it’s likely day students will bring in drugs or alcohol. If your teen was using drugs or drinking at home — don’t be naïve to believe they won’t engage in this behavior at a Military campus. Only this time — when they are asked to leave, not only are you left with finding a new school, you will lose your tuition.


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