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Parents frequently ask about parent support groups of other parents with troubled teens.  As a national organization it is impossible for us to know about local parent support groups around the country.


BigGroupTherapySupport groups can be a great place to speak with other parents that are going through the same frustrations and stress you are going through with your teenager.


It is comforting to know you are not alone in this journey.


If your therapist is unaware of support groups, sometimes your library or local colleges will have a listing of them.  You may also want to check with your community center.  In some areas the local sheriff’s department will have this information.


Another place is the Internet.  If you have an adopted child, Adopted Families has different online support groups (scroll to the bottom of the page).


Organizations such as NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) offers discussion groups if you feel this is something that could be beneficial to you.


Have you exhausted your local resources?


First, learn why residential treatment can work when local therapy fails.


If you are considering a therapeutic boarding school, residential treatment center or any type of residential therapy, it is a major decision — both financially and emotionally.  It’s good to have opinions from others that have been there before you.


Keep in mind if you have already started your search for residential therapy, speaking to parents that have had their teen in that school or program is also beneficial. It can cause apprehension and daunting – especially when you stumble on the fearmongering reviews and sites.


As we offer in our parent tips, always try to ask for parent references from your geographical area. You never know when you will be able to meet with a family in person that has recently attended a program you are considering.


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We have been in your shoes.  Contact us for more information, resources, and tips on researching residential therapy if you are undecided.  It is important to feel confident in your decision.

Be an educated parent.  Learn from my mistakes – gain from my knowledge.

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