Parenting Classes, Workshops & Support with Troubled Teens

Parent Support for Troubled Teens


Support Groups


Parents frequently ask about parent support groups.  As a national organization it’s impossible for us to know about local parent support groups around the country.


Support groups can be a great place to speak with other parents that are going through the same frustrations and stress you are going through with your teenager.


It is comforting to know you are not alone in this journey.


If your therapist is unaware of support groups, sometimes your library or local colleges will have a listing of them.  You may also want to check with your community center.  In some areas the local sheriff’s department will have this information.


Another place is the Internet.  If you have an adopted child, Adopted Families has different online support groups (scroll to the bottom of the page).


Organizations such as NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) offers discussion groups if you feel this is something that could be beneficial to you.


Parenting Workshops and Virtual Classes


Homeward Bound Supports Parents of Struggling Teens


-Are you stuck in negative dynamics with your child?
-Would you like to be able to slow down, self-reflect and examine your parenting patterns?
-Would you like to learn how to emotionally attune, set limits, diffuse power-struggles and promote accountability while still nurturing your parent-child bond and reaching new outcomes?


Homeward Bound is a nation-wide group of specialized therapists who work with families of teens or young adults who: are struggling at home, are in out-of-home treatment, or are soon to complete treatment.


Their success is distinguished by the fact that some of the best residential treatment programs in the country reach out to access our expertise and model for transitioning from treatment to the real world.


They exist to inspire, heal and fortify your family, capitalizing on your strengths and our know-how.


Founder of Homeward Bound, author Tim Thayne, wrote Not By Chance which is recommended reading by the majority of therapeutic boarding schools across the country. This best-selling book helps parents better understand the journey their teen is on — and incorporates the entire family towards healing and recovery.


Learn more about the services of Homeward Bound.




If you are considering a therapeutic boarding school, residential treatment center or any type of behavior modification program, it’s a major decision — both financially and emotionally.  It’s good to have opinions from others that have been there before you. We have been educating parents since 2001 on quality resources.


We have been in your shoes.  Contact us for more information, resources and tips on researching residential therapy if you are undecided.  It’s important to feel confident in your decision.


Be an educated parent.  Learn from my mistakes – gain from my knowledge.