RESET Summer Camp for Digital Detox

My teen is addicted to their cell-phone! My teen is addicted to video-gaming! My teen is addicted to technology! 


Welcome to Reset Summer Camp — for Serious Technology Addiction.


Looking for a summer digital detox program that is both affordable and effective?


Welcome to Reset!


Digital Addiction


Today we are facing a time when teen depression is on the rise. Young people are struggling with anxiety, stress and overwhelmed by peer pressure. They are isolating themselves – completely immersed in their screens without considering their emotional or physical health.




-An obsession with being online
-Frustration, anxiety, and irritability when not able to get online
-Abandoning friends or hobbies in order to stay digitally connected
-Continuing to spend time online even after negative repercussions (such as failing grades, deteriorating relationships, and even health issues)


Getting Help


Reset Summer Camp offers a fully immersive, clinical program hosted on a university campus, providing a fun-filled summer camp atmosphere. Participants are able to detox from their screen addiction and learn how to self-regulate, as they participate in individual and group therapy.


Life Skills


The Life Skills program cultivates responsibility and builds self-confidence, so campers will be prepared to handle their real-world obligations. Everything from healthy meal-prep and laundry skills to basic vehicle upkeep and a healthy sleep schedule.


Therapeutic Setting


Their staff includes experienced youth-development professionals, clinical interns, registered nurses, and private-practice mental health PhDs who work daily with those suffering from problematic use of technology, including gaming addiction and other unhealthy screen-time habits.


With 4-weeks of intensive therapeutic intervention, a full Family Workshop weekend and 12-weeks of individual follow-up with every camper, Reset Summer Camp stands alone as the leader in summer digital detox programs.


Why RESET is Different


Their clinical intern staff ARE the 24/7 camp counselors, the camp-buddies of the teens in our programs. They serve as the positive role-models for the campers, the shoulder to cry on, the listening ear always at-the-ready. They participate in much of the group and individual therapy sessions and work directly under the supervision of the PhD, Clinical Director.




What you can expect:


Many programs that claim to be therapeutic simply wave goodbye at the end of the session and wish you well, others offer a sort of “cheerleading” follow-up to touch-base, (more like a call from a camp-buddy than a therapeutic intervention).


Reset Summer Camp isn’t done when your teen goes home. What sets them apart from others is their therapeutic after-care. Counselors will be available to help you, your teen and your family find a healthy relationship at home with technology.


Dates and rates


Check back for 2023 dates and rates.

Locations for 2023 (which are expected to fill quickly):

-Asheville, NC
-Santa Barbara, CA
-New Brunswick, Canada


The cost of the 2022 – 4-week program is $8250.00 which includes everything except camper transportation.*


*Also not included is parent transportation and accommodations for the Family Workshop Weekend.


Returning campers and siblings receive a 10% discount.


*Tuition Assistance and Financing Plans are Available.


Contact RESET at 1-775-771-3171 to learn more or email at and visit them on Facebook.

Apply now.

P.U.R.E.™ is not compensated by RESET Summer Camp.

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If your teen needs more than a summer program, contact us for a free consultation to learn more about therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens.


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