ReThink the Internet

What is a good book for teens that are online a lot?


A new book, ReThink the Internet, by Trisha Prabhu is a must have (read) for all tweens and teens!


Yes, parents absolutely should read it too! It’s time to:


Stop hate. Promote Kindness. Be an Upstander.
ReThink the Internet.


Do you have to ask someone’s permission before posting their photo?
How can you tell if something on the internet is true?
What should you do if you see someone bullying a friend online (or #IRL)?


In a series of fun stories, innovator, inventor, social entrepreneur and upstanding digital citizen, Trisha Prabhu, goes through the hows, the whats, an the whys of digital citizenship, showing readers how to lead with kindness and stop internet hate.


For people who are just getting their first phone to others who have been scrolling, swiping, clicking and posting for years, this book makes us all think what our role is in the digital world and how, together, we can make it a force for good.




Many young people today are attached to their phones, devices and especially their social media. The truth is, technology is not going way, we need to help our children to navigate the digital world safely and respectfully. Just because we are behind a screen doesn’t give us a right to be mean or inconsiderate to others. ReThink the Internet is the perfect guide to help young people manage their online world.


Take a moment to watch Trisha’s empowering TEDx Teen Talk:


If your teen is a victim of bullying or cyberbullying (or possibly is the bully) and they are emotionally struggling, and you have exhausted your local resources — contact us to learn about the benefits of residential treatment for teen that are hurting.

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