Risks of Not Sending A Troubled Teen for Help

Does the thought of sending your troubled teen away scare you? As a parent, you thought you could fix everything — or at least hire the right experts to get the help needed.


Thoughts go through your mind, are you a failure as a parent? Why are your friend’s kids so perfect? (BTW – they’re not).


Are you completely exhausted of your teen’s behavior:


-Defiance, rage, anger
-Cell-phone addiction, video-gaming
-Explosive, destructive (especially if you remove their cell-phone)
Depression, anxiety
-Failing in school
School refusal
-Negative peer group
-Withdrawn from family activities
-Disrespect, cursing and backtalk
-Stealing money from you
-Doing drugs, vaping, drinking
-Refusing to do chores
Unruly behavior


Let’s consider the top three reasons parents chose therapeutic boarding school for their troubled teens and the risks of not sending them to get help.


1. Delinquent Behavior.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you have a good teen that is making some bad choices — and the word delinquent sends chills down your spine. After-all, this was your teenager that was on the varsity football team, used to cook with you or loved to go to fishing with their uncle.


Now you’re facing an unruly teen that behaves like a delinquent, he might be facing legal charges such as shoplifting or trespassing. Or more serious misconducts such as selling drugs or driving while intoxicated. 


It’s time to get your teen away from an environment that encourages such behavior—and fast.


2. Substance Abuse.

Just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean it’s good for you! How many parents have had this conversation with their teen that justifies them smoking pot on a regularly basis – or even recreationally? Teens today don’t understand that it’s not the marijuana from generations earlier (not that we’re condoning it) — there are many dangers they face with street drugs and drugs they buy online.


Vaping is a trend today that many teens engage in — that is just as frightening since again, you never know what these e-cigarettes can be laced with.


If you have a teenager that has started drinking alcohol regularly, (you will smell this), has blackouts and other areas of concern such as his behavior, without a hesitation, getting help is a priority. If your family has a history of alcoholism or substance abuse, your teen is at higher risk for addiction.


Substance abuse triggers severe moods swings, violent outbursts, and extreme defiance (explosive behavior). If you see these side effects—and you feel like you’re losing your child—it’s time to take action. Preventing addiction isn’t easy, but reversing it after it has become a part of a teen’s identity can take a lifetime.


3. School Failure.

Your once honor roll student who was so attentive to her homework and pleasing her teachers is now finding ways to avoid class and barely passing. Smart teens underachieving has become common, especially since the rise of screen addiction. Are they too tired, depressed, stressed out? Or some teenagers simply believe school is dumb.


If you’re dealing with school suspensions, truancy, ongoing conflicts with teachers or possibly peers (bullying or cyberbullying) — it could be time to try a new school before making the leap to a boarding school. It’s also important to know if your teen is on the verge of expulsion to ask the school to allow you to withdraw them so it doesn’t appear on their academic record.


Depending on the circumstances, is how you will proceed with the next step. Is your teen struggling with behavioral issues, fighting with other students or staff, or do they have mental health concerns?


Find a therapeutic boarding school that will help undo your teen’s destructive behaviors, in addition to meeting his academic needs.


In summary, if your teen has refused therapy or not engaging with their counselor, outpatient treatment has failed, a short-term hospital stay gave you an evaluation, however didn’t change their behavior — it’s time to consider places to send troubled teens.


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If you have reached your wit’s end and have decided to find the right therapeutic boarding school for your unruly teenager, contact us for a free consultation.


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