Summer Programs for Cell phone Addiction

How to find a summer program for teen cell phone addiction? Will a summer program help internet addiction?

Since 2020 teen depression and anxiety has doubled, experts blame the increase of screen-time as part of the cause.

BigstockDefiantGirl 300x201 1Does this sound familiar:

-Your teen is always constantly on their phone?
-Becomes anxious if they don’t have their device?
-Quick to anger or rage if you threaten to remove their device?
-Have destroyed your property when you have removed their devices?
-Are they failing in school? Yet capable of passing?
-Withdrawing from friends and favorite activities?
-Seem sad or even lonely?

Many teens today have been experiencing depression, anxiety, under-performing in school if not completely failing classes — we’ve even witnessed a rise in truancy and youth that were once excelling that are now barely passing.

Internet and cellphone addiction has been a major contributing factor to young people’s mental wellness. This can lead to extreme defiance, rage and explosive behavior.

Since 2020 teen depression and anxiety has doubled, experts blame the increase of screen-time as part of the cause.

How a therapeutic summer program can help:

This is a digital detox time when your teen can learn coping skills to manage their feelings of anxiety, anger and even rage when not having their cell-phone or gaming device. It also helps them develop a healthy and balanced relationship with technology. As we know, the internet is only evolving — it’s imperative our children learn to balance their screen-time.

Summer camps dealing with defiance when our teen is removed from their phone, will help them develop coping skills through anger and stress management classes as well as positive peer influence and in many instances – behavior therapy including animal assisted therapy, music therapy and art therapy and more.

Some of the benefits of summer programs can be the following:

  • Learning a healthy relationship with devices
  • Developing peer relations offline
  • Learning coping skills
  • Anger and stress management
  • Self-esteem building (helps them make better choices)
  • Grade recovery in some programs

Why use a therapeutic summer program?

BigDogTherapyIn some situations maybe your teen only needs a summer boost, depending on the issues they are facing with their cell-phone addiction.

Some parents feel more comfortable committing to a shorter version of a therapeutic program rather than jumping into a full 6-9-12 month school.

It can give them an opportunity to evaluate the program, therapists and staff. They are unsure if their teen needs a full therapeutic boarding school just yet.

The positive side of therapeutic summer programs are that they are part of long-term programs so your child doesn’t have to switch facilities if you determine they need longer care.

This can also be helpful if your child successfully completes the summer session, however months later starts to stumble. Therapeutic boarding schools offer open enrollment all year round so they would be able to be there to assist you.

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