Teen Transport Services to Teen Boarding Schools

Are you concerned about getting your teen to their program safely?

Professional assistance in transporting your child to a program or school.

Why use a teen transport service?

Transport services, also known as escort services or assisted admissions, are usually a last resort (yet frequently used) by parents to safely bring their teen to programs.

Being a last resort doesn’t mean it is a negative choice. Using a qualified professional can be a good experience for a teen.

Some teens are willing to get help; yet the majority of young people completely refuse; this is when there is need for assisted admissions into a school or program.

Since transporting your teen can be a difficult decision, it is very important to choose qualified and credentialed professionals. The transport service should be licensed and insured to transport teens and also have various degrees and/or background in education, psychology, behavioral science, mental health, or other related fields.

These are professionals!

Don’t think twice to ask them to email you their licenses and credentials. Also ask for parent references from parents with teens of the same age and gender of your child — call them and get a sense of comfort before you make your decision.

Assisted transports can be a very good experience with the right professional.

Quality services

We only recommend transport services we would choose to use for our own family and friends. 

GUARDIAN VOYAGE – Crisis Intervention/Transport

Guardian Voyage is a team of caring and compassion trained professionals to safely transport your teen to their destination. They will be in constant contact with you and always put your child first.

Call Jack Del-Giudice for a free consultation and an estimate: 407-398-4318 (call/text) or email him at guardianvoyagetransport@gmail.com.


RIGHT DIRECTION – Crisis Intervention

Right Direction offers a team of trained professionals to safely transport your teen to their therapeutic program. Right Direction is an independent company that has worked with over one hundred different organizations providing intervention services.

Contact them at 801-467-4680 for more information or email info@rdas.net.


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