Teens Smoking Marijuana Regularly

Is your teen smoking pot — regularly? It’s only once in awhile… until it’s not!  Are you searching for teen help for your good teen that has now started smoking pot? 


We are regularly contacted by parents when they hit their wit’s end — not only because of behavioral issues of their teenager, but they find out they have been smoking pot (marijuana).


Are you facing:


SmokePot-Your teen is smoking vaping or smoking pot?
-Was he caught with marijuana at school or otherwise?
-Does he smoke marijuana in your home?
-Does he tell you s/he only does it once in awhile?
-Does s/he tell you it’s now legal, so why not? Everyone does!
-Does s/he tell you it’s good for him? Self-medicating?


You’re not alone.


Whether it’s on a regular basis or for recreational purposes, the fact is, since marijuana has become legal in some states, many teens assume this means it’s a safe drug for them too. Some parents are confused to how serious it can be. Not only for their health, but it’s having ramifications on their future too.


Is your teen being scouted for an athletic scholarship? Or are they considered for an academic one? Maybe applying for a job where drug testing is done.


Today the majority of colleges that are handing out scholarships are hiring third parties to monitor up to 4 years of social media background on their potential student. How will your teen stand-up to a Google rinse cycle? Are there any images or content of them at parties with substances? Remember, it’s not only about your GPA or athletic ability anymore — it’s about your online reputation. It’s equal to your offline character.


If you find your teen is actively using marijuana, you have won half the battle because you know what’s going on. This is a great benefit as many parents are in the dark. But what are the next steps to immediately take?


Some teens may use marijuana at home or return home before the effects have fully worn away.


Side effects of teen marijuana use:


  • Red eyes
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Forgetfulness
  • Dizziness and headaches
  • Laughter without a reason
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Panic or anxiety


We’re not condoning teen’s smoking pot, but we also recognize that sadly it’s becoming a new normal. Parents need to intervene before it escalates. This is not your generation’s marijuana.


It’s never too early to start talking about substance abuse prevention. Casual drug use (recreational) can turn into excessive use or drug addiction and cause accidents, legal trouble and health problems. The conversations you have today can help your teen make healthy choices in the future.


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If you’ve exhausted your local resources for help, such as therapy and other avenues, it may be time for residential therapy.


It’s important to find the right school or program for your teen. Not a program that populates an element of addicts or hard-core gang members. It’s likely your son or daughter is a good teen starting to make some bad choices — probably trying to fit in or struggling with other emotional issues that’s driving them to escape their feelings. It’s important to determine why.


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