I wanted to give feedback – I spoke to Sue about a year ago to help find a place for my son.  We felt supported and were given tools to help us find a safe place for him for his recovery.  He’s been at his program for almost a year and has made amazing progress. We feel he is safe and has the amazing opportunity to heal. He says he feels safe and that we made the best choice for him; he has said we have now saved his life twice, first with an eating disorder inpatient treatment center and now at his therapeutic boarding school.  We see a future for him we could never have imagined a year ago.

I wanted to reach out to let Sue know that we very much appreciate her input and support.  We would still feel good about recommending the facility as an option for struggling youth.  They cannot help everyone (violent kids have had to leave) but generally it’s been a safe and good experience for our son.  I’ve recommended the website to other parents and will continue to do so.  The best tools she gave us were to advocate and do proper research, talking to parents of other kids from each place, and visiting sites. The feel you get by seeing the kids and how they interact was key to making our choice.
Thank you

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