Treatment for Teen Behavioral Issues

It is crushing for parents that are dealing with a teen that is struggling with behavioral issues that are beyond their control and they have exhausted their local options for help.  

For many, these are (were) good teens, smart, athletic, outgoing – now they are underachieving, depressed, changing friends, defiant, withdrawn, vaping, using drugs/drinking, dropping out of their favorite activities – some are refusing to attend school.  Facing an entitled and tech-addicted teen? Dealing with ADHD, ODD or RAD?

Some parents are struggling with their child self-harming and having dark thoughts (suicide ideation) that can be very frightening.

In most cases, they are good kids making bad choices – although parents are hoping this is a phase, it will pass, sadly it has not.

It has escalated to more than typical teenage behavior, the parent has lost control and authority over their teen – they have exhausted their local resources and now need behavioral boarding schools.

Studies tell us that parents are not imagining this spike in negative behavior and teenage mental health concerns:

  • Since 2019 youth depression and anxiety has doubledJAMA Network
  • Since 2020 More students are missing school due to anxiety – ACAMH
  • Since 2020 Teen drug overdose rose sharply (experts blaming fentanyl laced pills) – JAMA Network
  • Since 2019 study reveals rise in adolescent suicide attemptsCDC
  • Since 2020 Cyberbullying has increased 40% — teens that are harassed online are twice as likely to self-harm and attempt suicideScience Daily

Boarding Therapeutic Schools for Troubled Teens

It is time to decide what type of therapeutic boarding school your troubled teen needs. Most parents will turn to the internet to search for schools for troubled teens. Although it can seem confusing and daunting, our tips can help your navigate online searches to find the right treatment for your teen.

Christian Boarding Schools can be beneficial for families that are searching for a spiritual foundation, however it is imperative you consider a Christian therapeutic boarding school with a spiritual foundation in order to have qualified clinical staff and accredited academics.

Residential Treatment Centers (and sometimes considered rehabs), provide a more intense therapy for substance abuse, mental illness, as well as other behavioral problems.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools offers emotional, clinical, and academic support to teenagers with both behavioral issues and mental health problems.

With these choices, there are very slight differences and typically your teenager should be able to succeed in what you decide is best for them. Unless your teen has been diagnosed with a serious mental illness that requires a psychiatric hospital or more intense clinical setting, all these choices should be able to help your troubled teen.

What’s important is to find that school or program that has enrichment programs that will stimulate your teenager in a positive direction, such as:

Have you narrowed it down to a couple of good choices for your teenager? We have questions to help you interview the schools and programs to give you more insights on what is the right decision for your family.

Making the decision to enroll your teen into a therapeutic boarding school is a major emotional and financial step.

There are many excellent troubled youth programs in our country — with time and diligence you will be able to find the right school for your child’s individual needs.

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If you’re having difficulties finding the right treatment for your troubled teen, contact us for a free consultation. Since 2001 we have educated parent about behavioral boarding schools.

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