What are the Best Types of Teen Help

“A parent in denial is only prolonging getting their teen the help they need. There is no shame in admitting you need help to get your family back on a healthy track. Your teen will eventually thank you.”


Do you feel like you’re walking on eggshells? Hostage in your own home?


-What are the signs your teen might need extra help?
-Are they a smart teen failing in school? Skipping classes?
-Do you suspect they are using drugs, drinking? Vaping?
-Is your teen addicted to their devices or social media obsession?
-Is your adopted teen struggling with RAD?
-Is your teen struggling with depression or anxietySelf-harming?
-Are you at your wit’s end dealing with defiance, anger or rage?
-Are you worried they will hate you if you decide on residential therapy?
-Is residential therapy right for my teen?
-A young adult failing to thrive?


The internet can be so confusing! P.U.R.E.™ helps you navigate the big business of teen help. Start with our insight tips on researching schools and programs.


We have been there before you and can guide you through this process of researching the variety of options and resources available to you.


Resident treatment is a major financial and emotional decision, so let’s consider all choices parents have when getting their child help. Options prior therapeutic boarding schools and as well as learning more about the differences of teen help programs.



Parent Choices for Teen Help


Therapeutic Boarding School (TBS):


Therapeutic Boarding Schools offer therapy and academics to students. Usually, the student has not done well in a traditional school and is making bad choices that could have an effect on their future. Although many of the students are exceptionally smart, they are not working to their ability. Sometimes peer pressure can lead your child down a destructive path.


Removing them from their environment can be beneficial to them to focus on themselves both emotionally and academically. This can be a scary decision, however sometimes the best one for your teen to be able to have a bright future. Therapeutic boarding schools have been a great opportunity for teens that are struggling.


How do you know if you’re ready to take this step? Ask yourself these questions.


Residential Treatment Center (RTC):


Residential Treatment Centers, similar to a TBS, offer therapy and academics. However Residential Treatment Centers are for children that require more clinical support. Their issues are more specific with substance abuse, eating disorders, self-mutilators, and other behavioral issues.


What’s the difference between a TBS and RTC?


Christian Therapeutic Boarding Schools:


Christian Therapeutic Boarding Schools are the same as therapeutic boarding schools with the addition of a spiritual component. They will have credentialed staff, accredited academics and enrichment programs as well as spirituality in their program. There are also Christian Residential Treatment Centers, which are the same as RTC’s with a spiritual component.


This is not to be confused with religious schools or programs that usually have mental Christian counselors (which are not covered by insurance), questionable academics and limited (if any) enrichment programs. These programs are typically are less in tuition, however your child will be there (sometimes) twice as long. They also fall under a different umbrella so they don’t have to meet the same standards or regulations as therapeutic boarding schools or residential treatment centers.


We are familiar with many reputable Christian therapeutic quality boarding schools that accept insurances.


With the residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools, as well as Christian therapeutic boarding schools, most offer behavioral therapy which is proven to be very effective with teens struggling with mental health issues. It’s also important to find a program that implements enrichment programs that will help develop coping skills with your teenager. Such as animal assisted therapyart therapygardening therapy, music, sports and more.

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