What Is a Therapeutic Boarding School?

Does my teen need a therapeutic boarding school? Has your struggling teen been referred to a therapeutic boarding school?

Maybe you have exhausted your local resources — therapy at home isn’t working, you have tried outpatient treatment that failed? A short hospital stay was unsuccessful? It’s now time to consider a therapeutic boarding school. A therapeutic boarding school is a type of alternative school that specializes in educating and helping troubled teenagers and young adults.


Is your teen struggling with:

-Screen addiction
-Skipping classes, school refusal
-Depression, anxiety
-PTSD, trauma
-Depression, anxiety, stress
-Panic attacks
-Self-medicating (substance use) or drinking
-Eating disorders


The teen can be struggling with both behavioral and emotional challenges, to cognitive learning challenges that can’t be properly addressed in a traditional school environment.


In addition to academics (smart teens that are underachieving), these schools typically provide psychological counseling (as well as group therapy) and are often involved with the students on a very deep level to help rehabilitate them and restore their mental, physical, and emotional health.


Students often attend therapeutic boarding schools because they have psychological issues to work on, including substance abuse or emotional and behavioral needs. Students sometimes have to attend residential treatment centers or therapeutic boarding schools in order to have a completely drug-free environment removed from both their devices and negative influences at home.


Other students who attend therapeutic schools have psychiatric diagnoses or learning issues such as oppositional defiant disorder, depression or other mood disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD or ADD, or learning disabilities.


Today we are seeing more teens enrolling into therapeutic boarding schools due to screen addiction that is causing many issues mental health. These programs can help young people develop a healthy relationship with technology as well as with their family and friends off of their screens.


Benefits of a Therapeutic Boarding School (TBS)


Therapeutic boarding programs offer students an academic program that includes psychological counseling. The teachers at these types of programs are generally well versed in psychology, and the programs are typically overseen by a psychologist or other mental health professionals. Students in these programs usually attend therapy regularly as well as group therapy.


The goal of therapeutic boarding schools is to rehabilitate the student and make them healthy emotionally. This this end, many therapeutic boarding schools offer additional therapies such as: animal-assisted therapy, art therapy, music therapy or horticultural therapy. These are all beneficial for helping teens learn coping skills for life.


Coming to the conclusion that your teen needs a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center is a major emotional and financial decision and not to be taken lightly. Since 2001 we have been educating parents about the teen help industry and helping them understand the language, what is behind the screens of the websites as well as all the troubling reviews and fearmongering sites that created to prevent you from getting your child help.


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