What Is The Best Teen Help Program for My Teen

Are you parenting a difficult teenager? Is residential treatment right for my teen? What is the best teen help program for my teenager?

When a parent calls P.U.R.E.™ they are usually surfing the internet and confused by all the fancy websites, terminology they are now learning about (RTC, TBS, wilderness, transport services and more) and wondering — is this really want my child needs?


Is your teenager:

-Defiant, disrespectful, rude?
-Anger, rage, explosive
-Vaping, doing drugs, drinking?
ADHD, ODD, RAD, Bipolar
-Addicted to their smartphone, video-gaming?
-Refusing to go to school, skipping classes?
-Smart, but failing in school?
Withdrawing from favorite interests?
-Struggling with depression or anxiety?


The fact is, in many situations you have a good kid that is now making some really bad choices and you never in a million years thought you would be facing this day.


None of us did. Yet here we are.


Since 2001 P.U.R.E.™ has been educating parents and communities about teen help resources, programs and schools. This industry is extremely competitive and can be very confusing to the desperate parent. Without the right knowledge, sifting through the internet for the right teen help program for your teen can be daunting.

We were once in that position, we understand the stress and apprehension you are feeling and  want you to know you are not alone and give you the opportunity to learn from our experiences and more importantly, gain from our knowledge.

If you are visiting our website, it’s likely your teen or young adult is struggling and you are considering alternative options. You may not be familiar with how to research these specialty boarding schools and programs. You are probably thinking, “Does my teen really need to be sent away?” Or some parents want to know, “Will they hate us if we send them away?” One big question is, “How will we get them there, they don’t want to go.


We can help you find the right therapeutic boarding school for your troubled teen.


First is learning more about the meaning of your choices and understanding your financial options. We offer tips for researching teen help boarding schools (including informative questions to ask parent references to gain more  insights), programs for troubled teens or life skills programs for young adults and questions to ask the programs to learn how they operate.

We believe in finding a positive and encouraging setting for your teen or young adult. Placing a negative child into a punitive or primitive environment can usually build anger and resentment. Most of these young people are typically suffering with low-self worth – it’s time to find placement that enhances their self-esteem and starts building them back up to make better choices.

Whether you’re considering a wilderness program, therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center, this is a major emotional and financial decision.

Let our experts help you on your next step. Read our decades of testimonials and professional references.

Contact us for a free consultation.

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