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Since 2001 we’ve been helping parents navigate the troubled teen industry (TTI).


We help you find the right quality therapeutic boarding school for your struggling teen. Are you experiencing any of the following situations or feeling at a complete loss or a failure as a parent?



Addicted to their smartphone? Video-gaming?
Entitlement, rude, defiant, disrespectful?
-Failing in school, but capable of passing?
-ADHD, OCD, RAD, Bipolar
-Teenager doing drugs? Vaping? Drinking?
Sneaking-out? Running away?
Withdrawn? Stays in their room?
-Refusing to go school? Skipping class?
-Suspended, facing expulsion?
-Depression, anxiety?
-Rage, anger, destructive?
Negative peer group?


Whether you’re experiencing all or a few of these behavior patterns, you can feel like a hostage in your own home.  When parents start facing the reality that their once good teenager is making some bad choices that are getting worse, it’s can be extremely disheartening. There’s no longer the “typical teenager” excuse.


Many parents are at their wits end by the time they contact us, but one of the most important things to know is that you are not alone. There is help but parents need to be proactive and educate themselves in getting the right help.


No one ever wants to believe they will have to make a decision of a therapeutic boarding school for a troubled teen — especially their own teenager.  This is a major decision both emotionally and financially, and one not to be taken lightly. It’s well after you have exhausted all your local resources resources. 


Usually, your has teen shut-down in therapy, the school setting wasn’t working, outpatient treatment failed and possibly a short-term hospital stay was unsuccessful, since it doesn’t provide long lasting behavioral changes.


Searching for boarding schools for troubled teens is not easy, on the contrary, as a consumer, you need to be an educated parent to sift through the sites and reviews and learn how to evaluate truth — from — fiction — from — opinion and misinformation online. 


A simple online search for “therapeutic boarding schools” yields over 3 million results. It’s overwhelming!


Finding the right school or program for your child is one of the most important steps a parent can take. Remember, your child is not for sale– don’t get drawn into high pressure salespeople. Learn from our mistakes.


We search for schools and programs which:


  • Help teens, not harm them
  • Build them up, not break them down
  • Have positive and nurturing environments, not punitive
  • Encourage family involvement in programs, not isolation from the teen
  • Protect children, not punish them


Why residential therapy work when therapy at home fails?


A therapeutic program is specifically set-up to stop the downward spiral of a teen’s behavior and change the course to an upward one.


When a teen is removed from the stressors and triggers of home – not to mention their peer influences and devices (social media) – with a slowed down manageable pace – and placed into an environment with staff, activities (enrichment programs) and therapy designed to encourage change – (build self-worth) – the opportunity for the kind of true and deep change required to turn your teen’s life around can finally start to happen. Read more.


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