Teen Issues

Tired upset african american teen girl lying on sofa at home alone. Teenage problems, fatigue

Teen Anxiety

How can I help my teen struggling with anxiety? Today teenager’s not only have the stress of schoolwork and peer pressure, they are concerned about

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Teen Peer Pressure

How can you help your teen face peer pressure? Acceptance can be everything to a teenager. Peer pressure can lead your teen in either a

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Teen Vaping

How do I stop my teen from vaping?   Teenage vaping frightens parents. Vaping has become a major concern for most parents today. If you’ve

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Mother and teenage daughter having an arguument

Teen Entitlement Issues

Are you dealing with teen entitlement issues?  We are living in a generation of spoiled brats. “Smartphones are a privilege — not a right.”   

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Headshot of troubled teenage girl thinking, looking bothered and frowning, standing against blue

Defiant Teenager

Eye rolling, curses, insults, backtalk, name-calling, ignored requests, snide comments: defiance from your teen comes in many different forms.  If you are dealing with a

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Many parents are at their wit’s end with the challenges of raising teenagers. If you are considering residential therapy, contact us for a free consultation.

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