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P.U.R.E.™ is a network for parents who are seeking guidance in finding suitable residential therapeutic programs for teenagers and young adults.

Bringing Families Back Together

Are you parenting a difficult teen and you don’t know what to do?
P.U.R.E.™ is dedicated to helping families find the right therapeutic boarding school to help their teenager in need. 

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Help for Troubled Teens


Nearly half of adolescents today struggle with mental health concerns.


Almost half of teens are online constantly, leading to social media addiction.


Over half of young people are struggling with sadness and anxiety since 2021.


P.U.R.E.TM has helped thousands of families with valuable information and resources to find the right therapeutic setting.

What Our Satisfied Families Say

P.U.R.E. TM gives parents hope, happiness, and brings back family unity.

Help With Teen Issues

Are you parenting a difficult teen and don’t know what to do?
Does any these sound familiar?
We help you find the right boarding schools for troubled teens.

Teen Depression

Teenage sadness is climbing. Teen depression and anxiety has doubled since 2020.

Internet Addiction

Many parents are concerned with the amount of time their tweens and teens spend online.

Help for Young Adults

Failure to launch has become an epidemic affecting young people across the country.

Help for Young Adults

Failure to launch has become an epidemic affecting young people across the country.

Parent Help for Teens

Do you have a good teen making bad choices? Are you at your wit's end? You're not alone.

Parent Help for Teens

Do you have a good teen making bad choices? Are you at your wit's end? You're not alone.

Teenage Mental Health

Have you exhausted your local resources for your troubled teen? Learn more about residential treatment facilities.

Adopted Teens (RAD)

Reactive attachment disorder (RAD) is commonly diagnosed with children that have been adopted.

About P.U.R.E.™

Since 2001, we have educated families that are searching for the best-matched, residential treatment programs for their teenagers. As parent advocates, we have been down this road with our own teen that needed placement, and understand the importance of this major emotional and financial decision.

Sue Scheff, the founder of P.U.R.E.™, recognized this need after her daughter was harmed in a teen-help program and her family was duped by misleading and false information online. After winning a lawsuit against these programs, she understands how parents can fall prey when they are desperate to find help. Scheff continues to advocate for parents with education, resources, and wisdom.

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The Most Perused Topics for Parents Helping Troubled Teens

Good teen — making bad choices? Suffering with depression and anxiety? Smart, but underachieving? School refusal or skipping classes?

Entitled, defiant, addicted to their cell-phone? Struggling with ADHD, ODD or RAD? Suspended or facing expulsion?

3 Steps to find the right therapeutic school for your teen.

Is your teen doing drugs? Struggling with teenage mental health issues or self-harm, suicide ideation?

What is the goal of residential treatment centerWhat is the success rates of boarding schools?

Confused between the difference of a residential treatment center and therapeutic boarding school

Contact us to learn if a residential treatment center is right for your problem teenager.

Teen depression and anxiety has doubled since 2020. Most experts point to the rise in screen addiction.

Learn why behavior modification treatment can help difficult teens that are suffering with mental health issues.

Contact us for a free consultation.

Has your teen drifted from your family values? Are they disrespectful, defiant and rude to you and others?

Searching for a Christian therapeutic boarding school?  Contact us for a free consultation.

Teenage difficulties such as defiance, teen substance use, failing in school, addicted to video gaming, social media, self-harm and even kids that have become violent (destructive) can be helped through behavior therapy.

Behavior therapy such as DBT and CBT  in boarding schools is very effective with troubled teens.

Contact us for a free consultation.

Is your teen is refusing therapy? Outpatient treatment failed? School setting is not working. Short-term hospital stay unsuccessful.

These are some of the reasons a boarding school for residential therapy can work for teenage issues.

Contact us for a free consultation.

Failure to launch is an  epidemic that affects young adults the world over. Studies suggest that over half of young adults still live at home.

A vast majority of these adult children are facing failure to thrive. Struggling with setting goals or even finishing school.

Young adult life skills programs are your answer!

Contact us for a free consultation. 

Is your problem teen struggling with anger, defiance, rage — becomes easily explosive?

Does your teen become agitated or destructive when you remove their smartphones? 

Enrichment programs includeanimal assisted therapyhorticulture therapymusic therapy, dance, art therapy, sports and more.

Contact us for a free consultation.

Is your teen or young adult lacking social skills? Teens are so busy on their devices they lack the ability to communicate face-to-face.

Are they socially awkward or lack life skills — maybe they need more time to mature?

Teen help programs can help teens develop social cues and build relationships with family, peers and others for a healthy future.

Contact us for a free consultation.

Have you been recommended to wilderness therapy for your troubled teen? Learn about the myths of these short-term programs.

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It can be difficult to know if your adopted teen’s anger is normal and within the range of typical teenage behavior. Most teenagers get angry, especially during the years when their bodies are changing and the hormones can bring quick and severe mood swings.

What is RAD and how does residential treatment help my adopted teenager?

Contact us for a free consultation for therapeutic boarding schools specializing with adopted teens.

Have you surpassed typical teen behavior? Is your teen is escalating out-of-control? 

Searching for an educational consultant (EC) to find a therapeutic boarding school?

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A simple online search of “therapeutic boarding schools yields over 3 million results!

5 Tips to untangling the web of information of schools for troubled teens.

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Teen transport services, also known as assisted admissions, are usually a last resort (yet frequently used) by parents to safely bring their teen to programs.

Being a last resort doesn’t mean it is a negative choice. Using a qualified professional can be a good experience for a teen.

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Have you recently discovered the high costs of therapeutic boarding schools, behavior modification treatment, residential treatment centers?

Learn about your financial options. Contact us for a free consultation.

After experiencing my good teen making some bad choices, I found myself surfing the internet until I was so confused and stressed that I made a very rash decision and my daughter suffered the consequences… learn more.

Are you searching for a Military School for your defiant teen? Learn about the myths of Military schools for troubled teens.

A list of parenting and teen books that have been selected by us (and other parents) to help families that are raising teens in these challeging times.

We are facing a teen mental health crisis today. If you have exhausted your local resources find out how residential treatment can benefit your family.

Free consultation.

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