Can a Life Coach Help My Troubled Teen?

Are you searching for help for your troubled teenager and slowly exhausting your local resources? How can a life coach help your troubled teen?

Teen life coaches are a resource that more and more parents are using before deciding on places to send troubled teens outside of the home. It’s usually when your teenager has shut-down in therapy or has now refused to attend counseling at all.

Are you experiencing:


-Defiance, anger, rage?
-Depression, anxiety, moody?
-Social media or video gaming addiction?
-Cell-phone addiction?
-Negative peer group?
-Withdrawn from family or friends, isolating themselves?
-Dropping out of their once favorite activities?
-Skipping classes, school refusal?
-Failing, yet capable of passing?
-Drifted from family values?
-Entitlement, disrespectful? Nasty attitude?
-Stealing, lying? Legal issues?

If you can say “yes” to a few of these behaviors and they are escalating in your home to where you are no longer in control, it’s time to seek professional help. It’s beyond typical teenage behavior, you have reached that threshold when your house has become a warzone and you constantly feel like you’re walking on eggshells.

Before hiring a teen life coach, many parents have already exhausted the options of therapists, schools counselors, and some have placed their teenager in a short stay at a hospital — hoping to find a resolution. All of which have failed. Your teenager is still unruly and you are at your wit’s end.

Teen Life Coach

A teen life coach is another local option for parents to use before making the big decision for residential treatment. For some families it’s successful and others it’s not.

Many adults hire life coaches to help them set goals and keep them motivated, it can be very similar except it’s aimed at the teenage culture and what they are dealing with in today’s generation.

How a teen life coach can help your troubled teen:

– Social media & phone addiction: help them develop a healthy relationship with technology
– Get them motivated, help them set goals
– Develop communication tools (especially when dealing with family and sibling conflict)
– Problem solving without self-destruction or explosive behavior
PexelCoach– School struggles, underachieving, academic stress
Develop their self-worth (reduce depression and anxiety)
– Build resilience and develop empathy 
– Handle peer pressure (both online and offline), cyberbullying
– Address issues with substance use (vaping, drugs, drinking)
– Personal questioning of their identity
– Friendship struggles (bullying) and relationship drama
– Dating, sex
-and other adolescent issues.

The main objective of teen life coaching is to restore the emotional health and relationships, both with others and/or with themselves.

As most of us realize, teenagers can be very fickle creatures. They will refuse a therapist however may actually think having a life coach is cool.  Unfortunately, the stigma of going to therapy with young people will prevent some from getting the help they need. This can be the perfect option for them. In some cases, life coaches are formerly therapists (or currently), however have opted to take a life coach role.

It is every parent’s dream that their teen has a clear path to success and their future. Life does throw us curve balls, so when you have tried many resources to help your troubled teen that weren’t working, a teen life coach might be your answer before you leap into therapeutic boarding schools.

Need to find a teen life coach? A simple online search for “teen life coaches” should direct you to local coaches for your consideration.

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Are you still struggling with your troubled teen and a teen life coach was not successful for you? It might be time to consider a therapeutic boarding school. Contact us for a free consultation, since 2001 we’ve been helping parents find the right residential setting for their teenager.

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