Smart Girls Guide: Tough Stuff

Tough Stuff: How to Bounce Back and Find Strength When Life Gets Hard


Life is full of tough stuff — from bullying to body image issues, friendship stress to family struggles, panic attacks to pandemics.


This book tackles a lot of hard to discuss topics including:


✅ anxiety and depression (including cutting and suicidal ideation)
✅ how to help a friend in need
✅ perfectionism and pressure
✅ eating disorders
✅ caring for yourself
✅ bullying and cyberbullying
✅ too much social media
✅ gender identity and sexual orientation
✅ saying no to vape and alcohol
✅ racism and discrimination
✅ sexual harassment
✅ building a positive mindset
✅ being an upstander
✅ grief, loss, divorce…
The list goes on. They covered a lot of information in an effort to give teens a helpful resource, talking points, and strategies to work through hard things.

This book shows girls how to get through tricky times and come out on the other side even stronger. It provides tons of tips on how to bounce back and find enough resilience — a real-life skill that can be learned — to withstand the toughest challenges. In these pages, girls will find ideas on dealing with specific challenges and can read quotes from girls who’ve been there. Resilient girls face their hardest days head-on, look for the positives, and recover from disappointments. This book shows the way!

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